Get Outdoors

Live Outside

Shhh…. don’t tell anyone! Being outdoors is beneficial to your physical, mental and emotional well-being!


Okay, so hopefully this isn’t new news to you. Nature Deficit Disorder is real and a growing concern for our society. Dr. Robert Louvs, suggests nature deficit disorder diminishes the use of our senses and creates a growing rate of physical, emotional, and mental illnesses. This all contributes to the increasing rates of obesity, anxiety, stress, chronic pain and attention deficit conditions.


The simple sight of being in nature can boost your mood. The color green is associated with a feeling of optimism and being refreshed. It is also easy on the eyes, making it easy to spend hours exploring without feeling overwhelmed. The various shades of green helps us to find balance, while experiencing a sense of renewal, peace  and abundance.


The GREAT outdoors has the cure for so many of our modern health concerns. A simple walk in the forest can help :

  • Increase activity level- It’s simple; we move more when we are outdoors because we aren’t in a confined space. There are no limits to how much we can do or achieve outdoors.

  • Boost your mood- Surrounding ourselves with certain landscapes has shown to have beneficial factors on our entire mood. We may feel less stressed, less depressed and more alive.

  • Boost your immunity- Nature can naturally boost your immunity. The sun provides vitamin D, the smell of the trees emit natural essential oils, and the dirt contains microbes that are beneficial to our overall health.

  • Boost your energy levels - The air quality outdoors provides the breath of fresh air that allows us to breathe a bit deeper. This fresh air can sometimes be exactly what is needed to feel energized.

So this summer, do yourself a favor. Grab a blanket to spread on the grass or find a seat. Spend some time outdoors, either sharing a meal with friends and family or getting some quiet time as you admire the shades in the sky.

Enjoy every moment of this Pitta summer!

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