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Flavor Should Never Be Restricted

As the founder of IrieVeda, Tashelle Darby-Wong is an entrepreneur, life and health coach, wife, mom, and a lover of being hands-on in the kitchen. Being able to cook and share a meal with those she loves has always been her love language.

But on Thanksgiving day in 2013, her son's food allergies threw her into a new world of eating with food restrictions and learning ways to manage inflammation. Food allergies added a new complexity to life after learning first hand how severe reactions can be detrimental. This prompted an entire lifestyle change of food label reading and researching food alternatives in order to learn ways to naturally manage inflammation for a healthier life. 

Food allergies posed a challenge to transition from eating carefree to questioning even the smallest of ingredients in food, but it was also one of the greatest gifts. As Tashelle researched, she reconnected with her roots as a Jamaican Indian. She recalls growing up watching her grandmother prepare traditional Indian meals with fresh ingredients, seasoned with fresh roasted and ground spices. In this search she discovered how Ayurveda (Indian system of medicine) uses spices in cooking for the beneficial aspects of digestion and overall inflammatory management. It was her "Aha!" moment.

 By replacing the major food allergens and adding various homemade spice blends, meals were safe, flavorful, fun and worry-free once again. She has safely hosted many gatherings with family and friends using these tried and true spice blends and they always leave everyone craving for more.

This prompted her to share her version of “Yoga in the Kitchen”, through the use of her curated spice blends. IrieVeda is a blend of Positive (‘Irie’- Jamaican) Knowledge (‘Veda’-Indian) that reminds us to be mindful of who we are, where we are, what we eat and how it makes us feel in order to live life to the fullest.

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