What's in a Bloom?

<b>What's in a Bloom?</b>
Is it simply its’ beauty that brings a smile to our face or is it the thought behind each petal?
Whatever it may be, having flowers in our homes has a multitude of benefits. They can instantly brighten our day, freshen a room with a soothing smell or serve as a focal point to reset our mind.
Besides the many emotional and mental ways flowers can lift our moods, they are also a great addition to our plate. Edible flowers have become a trend that has taken off in 2022, further giving us more reasons to bring the outdoors in. For those with a vegan diet or those seeking new flavors, it has been a worthwhile treat for our gut health.
Beyond offering a colorful touch to the meal, the flavor profiles and health benefits of these edible flowers make them a versatile addition to meals. They can be used as both sweet and savory additions, in jams, sauces and baked goods.  
But, if you thought it was the look of the bloom that made you feel Irie (good), the real magic is what it does physically to help your digestion. Edible flowers are gut healthy and have phytonutrients that provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. From special grown marigolds, dandelions, chamomile, roses, lavender and fennel, these blooms can relieve indigestion and soothe IBS issues.
A few of these blooms that are offered by IrieVeda are;
  • Organic Lavender is a flower that has an amazingly calming effect. The smell alone will take all of your anxiety and worry away.  Some studies have shown drinking lavender tea helps to calm digestive issues. It can also help to induce a more restful sleep. Cooking with lavender is also beneficial as the soothing flavor is infused into your meal.  We recommend our Old World Roast be combined with our Organic Lavender when roasting dishes. The smell of the herbs combined with the sweet calming effect of the lavender is a treat from beginning to end.
  • Fennel seeds and flowers are known to smell and taste like licorice. It is a smell and taste that is sharp, sweet and slightly bitter. Even if the smell isn’t to your liking, the gut health benefits are worth it. With its anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, it aids in digestion while calming any gut irritation. The many uses for fennel makes it versatile for use in every season. It can be used in drinks, soups and savory sauces. Fennel can be found in our West Indies Curry and Old World Roast.
So if you are having any digestion concerns or just looking to maintain your gut health give them a try. Edible flowers will provide interest to your meal, while also keeping your gut feeling Irie.

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