Bare Your Soul

Bare Your Soul

Have you taken the time to notice how the leaves fall nonchalantly from its limbs? 

While on a walk I found this leaf and felt the need to hold on to it. How could the trees let go of such beauty, leaving behind bare limbs? Yet, so it must be. Letting go, of all that shows us how much it has flourished over the past few months. 

Fall is all about showing us the beauty of letting go and helping us to refocus and rejuvenate. We must learn to let go of all that we may think we need, even if it has helped us survive. The growth within still continues, even if the outside appearance of the tree may look distraught. 

This season, take some time to breathe and let go, as you take some time to feed your inner being. What we may think we need to survive, may actually be hindering our mental, emotional and physical growth. Spend time to embrace your internal beauty so you may once again flourish externally. 

Here are some simple things you can do everyday to prioritize your inner growth:

  • Plan your downtime- Add it to your calendar as a fixed appointment.

  • Practice the art of sayining no- Politely but without any explanation.

  • Get out of your office- Sometimes you have to take a break to come back refreshed and productive.

  • Document processes and delegate tasks to others to give yourself back hours in your week. 

  • Reduce Distractions- Set your phone to silence notifications and limit how often you check your emails.

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